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As the youngest son of an immigrant family, there was immense pressure on me to achieve and accomplish great things. My father was a military man and he instilled in me discipline, focus, and work ethic. He made sure that I didn't show weakness or emotions and made sure that I would grow up to be a successful, strong leader.

I ended up going to UCLA and after graduating, I decided to go to law school. After just one week of law school, I knew it wasn't for me and I dropped out and got into tech. I had an amazing tech career where all 5 companies I worked for had a successful exit. Each time we IPO'd or got acquired, I thought I would feel this amazing sense of purpose, but that feeling never came.

Don't get me wrong, I was happy but I imagined that I would be feeling a sense of fulfillment but instead, I felt empty inside. After experiencing 5 exits, my conclusion that the people that felt fulfilled were the founders of the company so I decided that it was time to start my own company. The timing was perfect, I loved cannabis and cannabis legalization was sweeping the nation.

I started my first company in 2013 and had immediate success. We won Best Product at the Cannabis Cup and all of sudden I was being interviewed by Forbes, Business Insider, Gizmodo, and many other publications that I used to read. I was consuming cannabis with Snoop Dogg, Mike Tyson, B-Real, and many of my childhood idols. I met professional athletes from the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and the UFC.

I should have been enjoying myself but I was under so much pressure to perform as a CEO, a father, and as a husband that I was having a mental breakdown. My father told me that leaders don't show weakness so when I was struggling with various business challenges, I began isolating myself and trying to figure things out on my own. When people asked me if anything was wrong, I would always tell them I was "living my best life" to try and throw them off.

In 2020, I couldn't handle it anymore. I had started two other companies and juggling all three companies was taking its toll on me. We had just hit our highest revenue numbers but I fell into a deep depression because it was not a pace that I could keep up. I stepped down as CEO, I started going to therapy, hired coaches to help me with inner work, began meditating, and most importantly, started to feel more comfortable showing the world the "real me", not just the parts that I was proud about.

I began really connecting and understanding myself and that allowed me to better connect with other people. I knew how to behave socially but I was never really myself and because of that, I never felt that I was my true, authentic self. Now, my goal is to help other Asian men like me, those who have a lot of achievement but don't quite feel aligned or fulfilled with their live. If my story resonates with you, set up a discovery call with me and let's see if I can help you achieve both success and joy in your life.



There are many coaches who are good at what they do, but there are few whose presence makes you step up your game and affect the way you show up. The coach who counsels well and understands the power of silence, acceptance, unconditional love, encouragement, and space is someone you must definitely have on your team/guide/counsel. I cannot stress this enough. Seibo is that coach. Seibo helped me elevate my consciousness, level of thinking, way of being, and how I show up in the world. The results I have seen are an upgrade in greater self-expression which led to more natural self-confidence, deeper and richer relationships, clearer thinking as well as clarity about future direction, deeper level of self-trust, and greater peace of mind. Eternally grateful to have him as my coach and mentor.".


Flowstate Coach

I wanted to work on growing my business while maintaining balance at home and level up my personal development. Seibo helped me by identifying bottlenecks in my business (ME), gave me implementable strategies

to get my team rowing in the same direction which freed me up to spend more time with family and the interpersonal work has taken me to deep into myself to levels I didn’t even know existed inside of me. The results I’m seeing is I’m more calm in the face of calamity. Nothing really shakes me the way it use to. I’m able to look at my business from a birds eye view and keep the bigger picture in mind while I execute on the day to day.

All this while being fully present with my wife and son. It’s been a game changer

so far and I would highly suggest anyone looking to level up their relationships or businesses to lock in a slot with Seibo.


CEO of B2B Signs

I came to Seibo during an overwhelming

existential crisis in my life. My mental health was a mess, my self-acceptance was non-existence, and I was questioning my career

; layer on my identity and family issues—it was not pretty. Seibo helped by really empathizing with my situation and tailoring a bespoke plan that has worked wonders so far.

I'm unrecognizable to where I was a month ago: much more calm, grateful, and self-accepting. I even have a new job! I recommend Seibo because he really listens and is there for his clients. I literally text him a few times a week with questions and he always replies promptly with either a great insight or proposed solution. The positive
energy that he exudes is so infectious; it's impossible not to walk out of the session with a grin on your face. As long as you put in the work—and trust the process—I promise this plan will also help you.


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SeiboKnows is the premier destination for transformational coaching because it dives deep into the very core of what drives individuals: clarity, confidence, and purpose. With a tailored approach that understands each person's unique journey, SeiboKnows not only guides you towards discovering your true self but also empowers you to embrace it.


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